July 24, 2013
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Online Coaching with Dr. Holland

What is Coaching and How it Benefits You?

Coaching is an investment you make in yourself to create the life you truly want. You have the best of both worlds because our coaching services can focus on improving you both personally and professionally. In other words, you will have the luxury of balancing and finding that special harmony in your life. Each of the following packages includes a Welcome Packet with resources designed to jumpstart your tutoring practice. Through coaching, you’ll receive the personalized attention that both you and your tutoring practice deserve.

Coaching fees are often tax-deductible for people who use coaching to improve business and professional skills. Check with your accountant or CPA for more details.

What type of Tutor Coaching Packages are Available?

We have a variety of cost-effective tutor coaching packages that starts at $450 and up and can customize a tutoring package to fit your unique needs for your learning organization.

If interested in one-on-one online tutor coaching, please email Dr. Holland directly at drhollandj@thetutoroutreach.com for more information. Please put “Online Tutor Coaching” in the Subject Line.

What is the Commitment for Online Coaching?

If you are considering being coached, you want data-driven results. In order to get those results, you need to make a 100% commitment, just like your coach.

If you want to receive online coaching services, you’ll need to make a commitment of at least three months to both yourself and the coaching process.

Note: A coaching month is four weeks (28 days); a three-month commitment is required for each package. We do offer a satisfaction guarantee.

Which Types of Payment are Accepted for Online Coaching Services?

You can pay by credit card and/or electronic check through PayPal.
You can also mail in your payments with certified funds (i.e. U.S. Postal Money Order or certified check). Please make all certified funds payable to The Tutor Outreach Group.

The mailing address is the following:

Dr. Alicia Holland

C/O The Tutor Outreach Group

PO Box 94224

Phoenix, Arizona 85070

We also offer convenient payment plans and payments must be made in full before coaching begins.

Note: All prices are in U.S. dollars.

Is Group Coaching offered? How does Group Coaching Work?

Join our My Online Tutoring Business Group to receive Group Coaching at our Premium Membership Level. Please visit www.myonlinetutoringbusiness.com for more information.

You’ll get to grow your tutoring business together and get to know other tutor business owners who share the same common goal—helping other learn and grow.

How does the Client Referral Process Work?

We do have a referral system that benefits both you and the individual in which you refer to us. The people that you refer to us purchase one of our online coaching services; you’ll both receive 10% off an online coaching package or additional online coaching service.

What is the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?

While results vary from client to client, no one can guarantee the specific results a person will get from coaching. However, we do offer a guarantee for being satisfied with the coaching process. If at any time you’re not content with the direction of coaching, simply let us know—we’ll take the steps necessary to restore power to the coaching relationship. Your candidness about what you desire from both your personal and professional life will aid in making your coaching experience vital to our continuing success.

If you feel that our coaching relationship is not effective, let us know that. If you have taken all the actions you agreed to, you’ve followed through with a 100% commitment to your progress, and you are not satisfied with how you were coached, we will return the coaching fees you’ve paid to us.

In the event that it is deemed that you have withheld pivotal information that will impede the coaching process, no coaching fees will be returned. We want to help you with your tutoring business, but you have to be honest with us. Otherwise, our coaching services are not for you.

Our number one goal is to ensure that our clients are satisfied and successful with our data-driven products and services at the Tutor Outreach Group.


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