July 24, 2013
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Dear Tutor Business Owner,

You’re in the right place.  You are opting to learn more about one of the only growing industries in America: Education.  That’s right.  Education is on the rise (even if sometimes seems to be the opposite according to “reality” TV shows).  It is a growth industry, with plentiful opportunities for people like you and me to generate income.

You are here because you are interested in investing more in yourself and in your business.  And now is the best time for making that investment…

Because you must face a certain truth: As the industry grows, it will become more competitive.  So if you don’t take the initiative and build a better business now, you will find yourself struggling later.

You are set to join, or maybe have joined, the ranks of tutors who help students throughout the United States (and the world) achieve more and feel better about themselves.  You are here because you want to do it better – you aren’t interested in the status quo.  Maybe you are already a teacher who wants to supplement your income.  Perhaps you are a teacher who is currently unemployed.  You could just be a professional in another industry interested in becoming part of this exciting industry.

Whatever your circumstances may be, you now have a new title: independent education professional…

Now, imagine owning a thriving tutoring business that gives you the flexibility you’ve always wanted from managing your own schedule to go along with a steady income.  It sounds like a dream job, right?  Well there are countless tutors out there right now who are living this dream.

And many of them are doing it through my online membership program designed by me, Dr. Alicia Holland.

This unique membership program is an incredible resource that can help you start a tutoring business or improve your current situation.  Wherever you are in the process – about to become a tutor or have been tutoring for many years – you will be able to gain an edge over all the other tutors in your region, allowing you to dominate your marketplace.

I know this all sounds a little “aggressive” for most tutors, but the fact is that if you don’t work hard to build a better tutoring business, you won’t be able to reach more students who are looking for your services.  And if they don’t find you, they may end up finding someone else who can’t do as good a job as you.  This is a chance to turn the tables in favor of the high-quality, specialized education that you can provide.

Listen, I’ve been a tutor for over 15 years, so I deeply understand the passion you have for helping students.  I also know that it is possible to support yourself as a tutor (because I do it every day).  And I know the struggles you have faced in the education world.  I am also aware of the challenges that are rising in the education field – it’s more than it just becoming a crowded space.

You are now set to compete against free online classes from various learning organizations.  Many tutors out there will fall victim to the waves of online resources.

There is good news though: You can safeguard yourself against this changing landscape.

My membership program is that safeguard.  You inoculate yourself from a variety of “diseases” that have afflicted so many other tutoring businesses:

**Competing on price alone.

**Becoming a general tutor with no special skills.

**Succumbing to the swarm of cheap, low-quality online tutors.

**Failing to build a complete team.

**Becoming an easily tradable commodity.

**Relying on one revenue stream.

It makes you more valuable than an online class.  It develops you into an irreplaceable resource for the families who need your help.  It is your insurance to keep doing what you love (educating), without the constant stress of dealing with external changes.

The only way to be a better tutor is to learn how to build a better business.  And to build that better tutoring business, you can turn to the Expand Your Tutoring Business (EYTB) Membership Program. 

When you join the Expand Your Tutoring Business Membership Program for Tutor Business Owners, you gain immediate access to an incredible wealth of resources, including:

**Dr. Holland’s Tutor Resource Center. Filled with premium articles, templates, forms, and other great resources professional tutors and small tutoring business professionals will need to thrive in their tutoring practice.

**Dr.Holland’s Media Center. You will get unlimited access to on-demand podcasts, videos, webinars, and dozens of other helpful resources that you can learn from on the go.

**Member-Only Discussion Forums. Network with other passionate tutors, like yourself, who can share their experiences with you.  Become part of a community of like-minded individuals who are building better tutoring businesses across the country.

**Member-discounted Services and Special Offers on tutoring and other educational products and services. You won’t find a more complete offering of tutoring and educational products and services to help with managing and expanding your tutoring business than those available through The Tutor Outreach Group.

**The “Real Talk for Real Results™: You will have access to this newsletter. Each newsletter is filled with business tips, words of inspirations, and motivation to help you stay focused on growing your tutoring business.

As a member of our monthly tutor business membership, you are also eligible for:

**Tutoring Evaluation to help you expand and supplement your tutoring income ($150 value) (Note: This is one thirty-minute private membership call with Dr. Alicia Holland. During this call, Dr. Holland will give you one-on-one membership based on your tutoring business needs by providing strategies with a practical approach through data-driven tutoring). You will need to schedule this.

**One sixty-minute group membership call each month. We host a member-selected 60-minute Online Class that shows you at least one strategy to build your tutoring business. This is your chance to ask your questions related to the class and to interact with the tutoring coach.

**Weekly Q & A with Alise: When you are a part of Alise’s Inner Circle, you get to ask her questions and she will send out her responses each week. Best of all, you get to keep these pearls of wisdom because it will come directly to your inbox!

Join the Expand Your Tutoring Business Membership Program now.

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